Hometown: Knoxville, TN

Favorite Tri Leg: Carb loading 

Bryan Campbell, our endurance guru and team-piercing artist, is a Knoxville resident that is not unfamiliar with the athletic world. He started off as a recreational cyclist and then began to take on further distances on his road bike. Soon after, he tried his hand at triathlons. His biggest challenge in the beginning was the swim portion. Prior to this, he had never swum with his face in the water. After retraining himself with new technique and a lot of perseverance, Bryan went from dead last coming out of the water at the Fall Creek Falls Olympic distance in 2011 to being an extremely competent distance swimmer. Since then, he's completed two full Ironman distance races (Florida 2013, Chattanooga 2014), several half IM distance races, and many marathons and half marathons. This September, he will compete in his third full IM in Chattanooga.


Hometown: Knoxville, TN

Favorite Tri Leg: His right one

Robert is our triathlon veteran and duathlon specialist. From a start as a member of The University of Tennessee track & cross country team in the 1980’s, to 10th overall at the 1990 Coors Light Atlanta Duathlon, to overall winner of the 2011 Heels and Wheels Duathlon and Atomic Sprint Tri, it goes without saying, that he has a long history as a competitor on the Knoxville racing scene. He, along with Team Manager Martin Coleman, was even a founding member of the well-known Team Powerade, Knoxville's first triathlon team in the early 1990’s. 


The sports community can thank Robert for a variety of reasons including (but not limited to) inventing the Stick, for serving as the treadmill repairman at Fort Sanders Health and Fitness Club, and for herding lost riders at the many Race Day Events organized rides. Robert is our midnight rider. He is notorious for doing Stick demos in a different state, driving all night, getting off the interstate and heading straight to one of the many events put on by Race Day Events.


Hometown: Knoxville, TN

Favorite Tri Leg: Photographing the race

Danielle (Danni) grew up as a competitive gymnast and has always strived to reach her goals. She challenged herself to complete her first Sprint triathlon a year after breaking her back and having a spinal fusion in 2009. She was VERY slow and steady, but finished the race with one of the biggest smiles you've ever seen. Since then, Danni has gone on to finish in the top three in her age group in several local sprint and Olympic distance tri's, multiple half marathons, a full marathon, and a 140 mile coast to coast bike ride across Northern England with her dad in 2012.  She's currently training for the Atlantic City Half Ironman with Bryan Campbell this June. 


When she's not out training, she is a professional photographer. In fact, Danni has even been known to take her photography skills to the bike. Whether she’s climbing a hill or descending a hill she still manages to snap the perfect shot to capture the beautiful scenery or the pack of teammates behind her!


Hometown: Columbus, OH

Favorite Tri Leg: Swimming

About 4 1/2 years ago, after reading a magazine article about triathlons, Jason decided that one of his life 'bucket list' items would include the completion of at least one full distance Ironman. Prior to this semi-insane decision, he had never participated in a triathlon and his longest official races were a handful of 5k runs. Since then, he has finished two full IM’s: Los Cabos and Louisville, one IM 70.3: Steelhead, and won his age group at the 2014 Hammer Duathlon. He loves all outdoor sports but is most passionate about soccer.

Jason has taken his cycling into Turbomode this year. He spent this winter working on his power output and heat acclimation on the bike. 


Hometown: Knoxville, TN

Favorite Tri Leg: Being lazy in the off-season

Jeff loves distance, the longer the better. He uses training as an excuse to not mow his yard on a regular basis. Don't let his fun, laid back style fool you though, he loves to compete. Jeff's racing career includes several ultra-marathons, Ironman-distance, half-Ironman distance, and obstacle races. In 2014, he competed in almost every triathlon distance, capping off the season with Ironman Chattanooga.

Jeff is notorious for jamming out to Taylor Swift on long rides, and we do mean long rides. Jeff is your regular, or not so regular, endurance junkie. He enjoys torturing himself on the road for hours. Whether it’s climbing Sweetie Pie, Butterfly Gap, and Foothills Parkway in one day or simply riding for hours, Jeff is all smiles and TaySwift songs!


Hometown: Knoxville, TN

Favorite Tri Leg: Bike

Connor started doing triathlons with his mom Nicole. At age 14, he is our youngest team member, but he already has a quite impressive racing resume. He competed in his first open (non-kids’) triathlon at age nine. Since then, he has gone on to do several Sprint and Olympic distance races in TN, VA, and GA and has won the Fleet Feet Grand Prix age group two years in a row. In addition, he has done over a dozen races of half-marathon distance or longer.  When he's not practicing cello, French and algebra, he enjoys cross country and track, disc golf, and swims for the Maryville Alcoa Flying Dolphins 

Connor is our silent assassin. He will drop you like a sack of hot potatoes on the bike course. That is, of course, if you aren’t unknowingly pulling him up Foothills Parkway, Butterfly Gap or the Wall. Connor is an expert drafter and an even better climber… just wait until we get him clipped in!


Hometown: Blount Co., TN

Favorite Tri Leg: Swim

Nicole attempted her first triathlon in college on a whim. It went terribly. She showed up for an Olympic distance triathlon on a department store beach cruiser not even knowing that triathlons came in different distances. Later, while working for Fleet Feet, she was convinced to give it another “tri” by Fleet Feet owner Shahin Hadian. That time: Success. While she claims there aren't many highlights in her athletic career; she has done tri distances from Sprint to Half Ironman, completed over 80 marathons and ultramarathons, and played college soccer and rugby. Last year, she even did 5 marathons in 5 days with a half marathon to cap off the week! In her down time, you may also see her out on the water kayaking and taking out her stand up paddleboard. 

Keep a look out for Nicole on her upgraded bike: she will be the one with the spoke beads and handlebar streamers. Nicole is always riding in style whether it’s around town or from one city to the next. Nicole is quite the endurance athlete; in fact, she once rode her bike home from the Fall Creek Falls triathlon on a whim. Her favorite weekend activity is pacing marathon and half-marathons all over the country. (Her favorite race is Soldier Marathon).


Hometown: Oostburg, Wisconsin

Favorite Tri Leg: Running 

Ginger was introduced to the triathlon world when, with two small kids on her hands and stuck in a fitness slump, she set her mind on doing a sprint triathlon. Shortly after, she started claiming age group awards and was hooked. During her triathlon career, Ginger has placed overall and won her age group at several local sprints including the Trideltathon, Foothills, Westside Y, and Storm the Fort triathlons. She also usually fits in a couple half marathons a year. In her leisure time, you can find her out on the water: water-skiing, wakeboarding, etc.

To show their true dedication to the team, the Millers have painted their boat with TurboSpin and Bullman’s logos and will be taking the team out on the water after every race.


Hometown: Franklin, Wisconsin

Favorite Tri Leg: Bike

In 2008 at the Westside Y, J. Bret raced his first triathlon at the encouragement of his wife Ginger. Placing third in his age group motivated him to improve and stay competitive. The 2014 season proved to be a great showing for J. Bret with top 10 placings at all races he entered: 3rd overall at the Westside Y, 8th overall at Lakeside of the Smokes (2nd in his age group), 4th overall at Springbrook (1st in his age group), 10th overall at Storm the Fort Sprint (1st in his age group), and 9th overall at Foothills (1st in his age group).  In his free time, he is out on the water skiing, wakeboarding, and surfing.

J. Bret is our not-so-secret secret weapon; he is a fearless competitor and has somehow managed to master the phrase “mind over matter.” In fact, at Lakeside of the Smokes (AKA the hottest day of the past century), J. Bret collapsed shortly after crossing the finish line. He never lets the heat, or anything else for that matter, slow him down.


Hometown: Nashville, TN

Favorite Tri Leg: Bike 

William got into triathlons because it was something he had always wanted to do. He comes from a long line of endurance athletes and finally decided to quit fighting his genetics and embrace them. Once he did his first race, he was hooked. He has placed in the top three of his age group in multiple sprint races including Tellico Summer Solstice, Secret Ciry Sprint, and the Trideltathon. Though William looks like a gazelle while running, cycling is actually his favorite individual sport. William loves spinning his legs whether it’s teaching classes at Turbospin or leading his teammates up Foothills Parkway.  Though William is our nutrition guru, you can often find him finishing off a dozen doughnuts or eating an entire pie.       

William is the ultimate “domestique.” Whether he’s pulling his teammates on a long ride or coaching them through a spin class, he always has the team’s best interest at heart. He loves anything that involves working on bikes. In fact, he even changed a girl’s flat tire at Springbrook Sprint (2014) and rode the rest of the bike course with her tube around his neck.  


Hometown: Nashville, TN

Favorite Tri Leg: Eating

Alex entered the triathlon world at the encouragement of her husband William. While triathlon’s began as a way to spend more time with her husband, they have quickly become an outlet for her competitive nature (and an excuse to eat). While she only entered the triathlon realm a couple of years ago, she has placed at the top of her age group at most races, placed 3rd overall female at last year’s Secret City tri, and was a Fleet Feet Grand Prix age group winner last year. She competed in her first Olympic distance last summer and plans on going for her first half Ironman this summer. She enjoys all three tri sports individually, but her main passion is for Olympic weight lifting. You can also find her kickboxing or taking Krav Maga classes (at our sponsor, Bullman’s Kickboxing and Krav Maga of course!)

Most importantly, her favorite pastime is watching Harry Potter every night in bed while eating ice cream.


Hometown: Knoxville, TN

Favorite Tri Legs: Swimming/Running

Alex has plenty of years’ experience being around triathlons supporting her husband Joe. After gathering the courage in 2014 to attempt one herself, she entered the Springbrook Sprint and placed 3rd in her age group. While swimming and running are her favorite legs, Alex is quickly becoming a cycling lover as well, thanks in part to many pre-season training spins at sponsor TurboSpin. Keep an eye out for Alex on the trails where you can find her out on her mountain bike or trail running. 

Alex might seem harmless, but don’t let her fool you! She is our team martial arts specialist. And next time you see her, look closely and you may be able to see a tandem bike tattoo that she shares with her husband.


Hometown: Knoxville, TN

Favorite Tri Leg: T2

Trent is a Knoxville native and a UT student. Though relatively new to the sport of triathlon, his years of cross-training experience from soccer and water polo have set him up well: He never placed lower than first in his age group during his first year of competition, and was found in the top 10 overall in every race he entered. After some goading from friends last summer to try his first triathlon, training quickly became an obsession. Sprint and Olympic distances are his preferred distances. 2015 promises to be a stellar year for Trent, as he has started it out strong, grabbing 2nd overall at the Trideltathon.

After purchasing a road bike and clips this spring, Trent has taken his cycling into Turbomode this season. Don’t let his smile fool you, he might seem friendly but he shows no mercy on the course!

Tracey Kenmuir:

Hometown: Johannesburg, South Africa

Favorite Tri Leg: Pizza

Tracey was inspired to start competing in triathlon by her grandfather and father. They both compete in triathlon and ultra-distance running to this day. It "runs" in the family. Tracey grew up swimming, and added the biking and running in high school, and has been competitive in triathlon ever since with the full support and encouragement of her family. Tracey feels that every race is a highlight in itself, whether it is a good race, or not the best. You learn a lot by competing, and learn to have fun with each competition.

Tracey will be graduating with a Bachelor's Degree in Nutrition this coming May, and aspires to work with athletes. In her free time, she loves hiking, is big into trail running, loves to cook, bake, and enjoys painting.

Melinda Spiva:

Hometown: Clinton, TN

Favorite Tri Leg: Putting it all together

Another one of this year’s new additions is Melinda Spiva. On a whim after a breakup, Melinda decided to try a sprint tri. It was the Springbrook Sprint and after racing that first race, she was hooked! This quickly advancing triathlete has advanced in distance each year; capped off with a great finish at IM Chattanooga in 2015. She looks forward to using her increased speed this year at the 70.3 distance, with both Chattanooga and Augusta both on the 2016 schedule. Help us welcome her to the team this year! 

Watch out for her during the bike leg, as she is trying her hand at bike racing this year as well, and some of that speed is sure to make it to the triathlon course.

Yann Le Moine

Michael Yates

Tyson Murphy

Audrey Howe


Hometown: Knoxville, TN

Favorite Tri Leg: Organizing Races & Hiding in Transition

Martin is the man behind the mask. Martin started his triathlon career in the 1980’s and raced in several road races and triathlons, include the Texas Hill Country Triathlon. After a successful racing career, Martin decided to take his love for the sport to the next level and start putting on races of his own. Martin loves triathlons, but his true passion lies in road cycling. He has traveled to France and witnessed several Tour de France races and knows every route in Knoxville. Martin has rededicated himself to road cycling and has claimed he’s not going to let anything get in his way. And nothing has! In three short weeks Martin climbed Foothills Parkway (3 times), Butterfly Gap, Cherohala Skyway, and The Wall! 

Most memorable training injury: Hitting a black bear while riding on Foothills Parkway.